Hi guys, so summer is in a few day right? Well I was just thinking about what I’m doing over summer. This summer I am going to Turkey to see my family. I am also doing a soccer camp with my friend, and a pole volting Clinique. Where are you going? What camps are you doing?

Scratch Game: Hungry Shark


Hi guys, I made this game called Hungry Shark using the website Scratch. Click to get to the scratch website. Try out my game!

Use the arrow keys to move Snarky Sharky around. The object of the game is to eat all the fish by directing Snarky over them with the arrow keys.

California Fires


Today is Monday. For the last 4 days, my friends and I have gone to the beach together. If we weren’t skipping school, then what were we doing? There were 10 fires and over 10,000 acres burned. Many of sister’s friends were forced to evacuate but soon returned to their houses. Others had no home to return to. Ashes fell and laid still like ruins from an attack on a castle.
Grace and I flipped on the TV. “BREAKING NEWS 10 fires across the California. Camp Pendleton over 8,000 acres burned by fire 5% contained” It read across the bottom of the screen. I turned the tv back off and Grace and I both stared at the black screen until Grace broke the silence.
“Let’s go outside,” She said.
“Let’s,” I agreed with her.
As we walked outside, the first thing we saw was a giant red and orange pillar of smoke coming up from somewhere that looked like San Marcos. Grace and I kept walking and something white began to fall.
“Ashes,” I muttered under my breath. It was about 100° outside and the wind was blowing at speeds around 36 mph.
Grace caught some of the falling ashes and we both looked over at them. They were in the shape of a leaf. She dropped them and they disintegrated. We ran back inside, adrenaline pumping, and told my sister. She ran outside to see for herself and Grace and I turned the TV back on.
“Aviara Oaks Middle school burned down.” That was the fire in Carlsbad but the San Marcos fire also know as the Cocos Fire, had gotten really bad. As we sat, staring at the TV, Grace and I looked over at each other. My mind raced from thought to thought. The first thought that spun through my mind was the firefighters. Many people were watching from the safety of their homes while others hoped the firefighters could save theirs.

How Many of Me?


Copy and paste the link below to try it and see how many people have the same name as you!

How many of me?

Try it! How many people have the same name as you?

Chapter 1 – River Wolf


Sorry guys, the chapters are pretty short, hope you like it!

“Hey Alex, do you want to go for a walk with us?” Said Emma, always creating the conversation.

“Sure,” I replied, grabbing my computer.
As we walked out the door a counselor Emma said was Frank, joined us. We were just entering the dirt path in the middle of the forest, when the snow started to fall. Frank told us we needed to turn around. Jedd said that he smelt blood and would not go back. I stood my ground with him because I knew blood meant someone was hurt.
Suddenly, out of the woods, two giant wolves with fangs of a saber-tooth tiger, mauled Frank. We ran. We wanted to run back to the cabin and tell everyone but Jedd stopped us.
“They would never believe us. There are not supposed to be wolves in this forest,” he said.
“He’s right,” I stated, taking Jedd’s side once again.
“We must follow the scent of blood. I can smell it and it is very very strong! In fact it is getting stronger by the second!” And Jedd took off in a flash.
As we chased after him my computer bounced on my side making it frustrating to run with. Jedd was long gone and now we were desperately trying to run and catch our breath at the same time.
“Stop,” puffed Ashley, “Jedd’s running is irrationally fast. We could never catch up to him. We need to have another plan.” Ashley started scanning our surroundings, just the way she did when she first arrived. Suddenly her eyes narrowed and Emma and I looked at each other, confused.
“Ok. I think I found a short cut,” she said when she had finally gotten her breath back she said, “Are you ready?”
“Yes,” I said and Emma half nodded, exhausted.
“Ok, Follow me.”
And we were off, running through the snowy layer concealing the dark soil below. I could feel the sweat clinging to my face as I ran. The damp forest closed all around us getting closer and closer as we ran. Suddenly we stopped. There was something ahead. It looked like a a war, fire against water, and Jedd was there Jedd was the water struggling to put out the fire.
“Your brother is a river?” I asked Emma. I couldn’t pull my emotions together, shock, confusion, wonder, curiosity, but it was shock that took over. I sat down, wide eyed, open mouthed, and Emma pushed my chin back up to the rest of my mouth.
“He has special powers. Many have them and can’t control them, but he can. In fact he has learned to control them so well that he became a werewolf of water,” Said Emma, “We can’t tell the camp for it could be fatal to this world.”
“So your brother is a werewolf that can control the elements?”
“Pretty much.”
While Emma and I we talking I hadn’t noticed Ashley pull a bloody and groaning body out from under the water/fire war.
“He was injured pretty bad but I know what to do,” Said Ashley, “The camp can help him. Plus we now have prof that wolves are here.”
“For all they know we killed him,” I stated
“First of all he is not dead. Second, look.” And Ashley lifted up his arm. Under it there were claw slashes and paw marks.
“Wait, that means Frank might still be alive!” I was just starting to realize that Ashley was a genius.



This is the prologue of a short story I am writing. Let me know if you have any ideas for a good title. Hope you like it!

“Julia do I have to go to camp?” Asked Alex
“Yes, you do.” Julia, his older sister had been scolding him and pushing him out of the house as much as she could.
“Alex Lee, get up right now and pack I need to drop you off early so I can go to Joy’s party.”
Alex was always obedient and did what she told him to do. He was really did not want to go to some wilderness camp. I mean seriously a computer wiz at a camp in the middle of nowhere? Alex trudged up the stairs to find that his suitcase broke. He stuffed his clothes, laptop, computer in a duffle bag. Then he stuffed his sleeping bag on top and dragged the duffle bag down stairs. At the bottom of the stairs her grabbed his shoes and shoved them on his feet.
“Julia!” He called, “let’s go.”

“Here we are, grab your stuff and go find the main tent to check in,” Julia muttered as she drove away.
As Alex walked toward the front tent, two other cars pulled up. Out of the first girl came one boy and one girl. The girl hopped over to me, told me her name- Emma Fepely, and started talking really giddily and rapidly about something I couldn’t understand. The only thing I did catch in Emma’s rapid talking, was that this camp was awesome, it was her third year, and the boy was her brother with a name of Jed Fepely. Out of the second car only one girl came out and more slowly. She seemed to carefully inspect everything around her. Emma went over to her and introduced herself.
Emma then brought Ashley and her brother Jed over to me and said, “during this camp we are going to be best friends.”
I replied, “ok. Shouldn’t we go check in at the main tent?”
“Main tent!” Raged Emma, “who told you that? Follow me I’ve done this before.”
So Ashley, Jed, and I followed her to cabin 7.
When we approached there was a counselor outside waiting for us.
“Hi Emma,” he said, “are you and your friends going to stay in this cabin during camp? Or are you just showing them around?”
“Now I think we will stay here, thanks Bill.”
As we walked inside the cabin I noticed lots of scenic pictures on the walls. Emma talked to another counselor before showing us which bunks to take. Personally I really liked Emma because I was new, shy, and confused and she knew everyone. Plus I like her brother and Ashley. Mostly, I was really great full I had already made such great friends.

Recycled Orchestra


Hello everyone. The other day I stumbled upon this inspirational youtube clip. It’s about kids who can’t afford musical instruments, so they make them out of trash. Here’s the link, hope you enjoy!


Recycled Orchestra. By, landfillharmonic.



Hello my name is Zoe. I have never blogged before so is would appreciate constructive criticism, as long as it is not too negative. Thanks, Zoe.